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Connect to your audience in a way that a pen or a lip balm never could - through the emotional appeal of music. Together with our partners at Mega Digital Music, we create custom digital music download stores with a fully licensed catalog of over 3.6 million songs, with new releases added weekly.

We provide custom-branded digital music download cards and e-stores to brands and companies that are seeking to reach their customers in a unique and exciting way.
Our turn-key operation means zero resources are required upon from your company. We handle the design of the cards and store, all within your branding guidelines.

Download Card Samples | Any size, any shape.


What other incentive offers instant gratification for consumers, carries high perceived & emotional value that transcends demographics, and costs virtually nothing to deliver?


Your download incentives are redeemed online, ideal for generating Web Traffic, building databases for ongoing marketing, and promoting repeat sales.


Allow the team at Ambition Branding Inc. to design your download cards and deliver them to your doorstep. Zero demands are placed upon your team's resources.


Song download PINs can be distributed via custom-branded download cards, in or on packaging, or on point-of-purchase materials.