Memories of early logos

I was looking through some old photos recently and came across some shots I’d almost forgotten about. I’d gone to school in Kamloops, and started my freelance design career there as my work started getting seen and known throughout the community. I’d been fortunate enough to create for a number of nightclubs, a tanning studio, an auto body shop, restaurants, a ski and snowboard company and many others – with no idea of where it was all going.

It was always a thrill to see a poster or sign that I’d created for another business up around the city. Eventually I was asked to help create logos for new startups, and it immediately became clear to me what an incredible honour and responsibility this was.

One of my existing clients had decided to open a new business at the local ski resort, Sun Peaks. It was to be a “soup bar”, that would serve up to 9 different gourmet soups daily, and appeal to the upscale, on-the-go crowd of the resort. We had several meetings, I did my research and went through my processes, eventually creating the approved logo. The owner was happy, I sent over the files, and carried on.

Spoon Soup BarA few weeks went by and I needed to go up to Sun Peaks to meet with another client. As I walked through the resort, I chanced upon the logo I’d created, now made real, physically right in front of me with freshly fallen snow resting upon it. It stopped me dead in my tracks, and I stared at it for a long while. I watched resort visitors walk past, some glancing at the sign I’d made, some even looking, pointing and going in. I’d created the icon that would represent this business and everyone that worked for it, and here it was, collecting snow and looking right in place alongside the multi million dollar hotels and other trendy shops. Suddenly, I was infatuated with the art and science of logos. 

Spoon Soup Bar is long since gone, but it will always stick with me as one of the first logos I created. No matter how many I am fortunate enough to create, it will always be an honour and an incredible responsibility.  A logo is never just another paycheque – it’s about helping bring someone’s dream to life, and that? That should always stop you in your tracks with wonder.