“I may not understand what you do – but I’m proud to say I was smart enough to hire you to let you prove what you could do for me.” 

The above is one of my favourite quotes from one of our clients – Richard, owner of A Little Taste of Country. When we were first referred to him, he was looking for some simple graphic design, and that was it. However, after he had taken a look through our portfolio and sat down for a meeting, we agreed to take on a much bigger role with his three year old company. First up was branding. They didn’t have a logo nor a consistent visual identity in any of their materials, so we created it for them. We took the time to visit their store on several occasions, observing their clientele, how people interacted with the store, and how they interacted with their visitors.

Second up was social media. When we came on board, A Little Taste of Country had an existing, barely used Facebook page with 11 likes.  Just over a year later, we have grown that to over 340, without any paid ads. We interact, we share local interest stories, and we listen. People share their stories with us and have come to trust A Little Taste of Country as a knowledgeable, caring local voice.

In the past year, A Little Taste of Country has grown, opening two more locations in Calgary. I was incredibly flattered when Richard and Betty Anne told me that part of their success was from the work we’ve done for them. Whether it’s been creating a brand to genuinely reflect their business, late night last minute website changes, or taking part in market meetings with them and helping to build their community, it’s been a thrill and an honour – and one we look forward to continuing every single day.

Hi Jason;
Absolutely OUTSTANDING!! This is our new LOGO.

– Richard

A Little Taste of Country opens their third location in Calgary on Thursday, July 3 at Kingsland Farmers’ Market. When the doors open, they’ll be displaying signs designed by us.

– Jason
Founder at Ambition

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