“Ambition never rests.”

All across the continent, it’s a long weekend and people are enjoying their days off. People are at beaches, out camping, doing all the things they didn’t manage to sneak into their summer before now. It’s a time of happiness, sunshine and smiles – and here I am, at my desk, working. I am happy about this.

For those that work an hourly gig, or punch a clock and spend half their working hours watching that clock, I get it. But we’re building something here, and when it means I get to put in some extra hours to take the company to the next level – I’ll happily do it. This summer I took a week away from the office to go surfing. I took exactly zero days off for this. In the mornings I would work and catch up on emails, in the afternoon I’d surf, and in the evenings I’d check in again to see if anything pressing required attention. Not a bad way to spend a week, really.

“Ambition never rests.”

Just now, I called a client to check in on a couple of projects. He said to me, “It’s the long weekend! Don’t you ever take a day off?” I replied, only lightly joking, “Ambition never rests.” He laughed and said this was definitely true.

Some people are happy to work their nine to five and forget about work the second they punch out – and that’s entirely fine. Some people dream of building their brand into something known across the world and put in incredible hours to make it happen – and that’s entirely fine too. Do what makes you happy, and do what makes you go to bed at night with a smile on your face and excitement for tomorrow.

What’s your goal? What makes you happy? Leave your comment in the section below!